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Orange Cream Swirl Ice Cream and Sherbet

Jethro Castillo
Jethro Castillo
1 min read
Orange Cream Swirl Ice Cream and Sherbet

“Vanilla ice cream and classic orange sherbet combine to create the flavor of a creamsicle pop”

I love this ice cream. So much so that I have placed a sticky note on the tub in the freezer which screams (we all scream for ice cream), “Be warned. I have eaten directly from this tub.”


Is it sherbet?




Bert and Ernie?

Okay. I did the research.

Sorbet is fruit and sugar.

Sherbet is fruit and sugar AND cream.

A sherbet must contain between one and two percent milk fat.

Ice cream, on the other hand, must contain at least 10 percent milk fat.

Hold up.

What about those that are in-between two and 10 percent?

Apparently those are just called a “frozen dairy desert”.


I kind of wish language was made better.

The only right answer - a gosh darn Creamsicle

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