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Here are things I am currently working on or have worked on in the past, in addition to this blog and Upward Together.

Current Projects

@jethroo1 - this is my creative instagram account. Check it out.

Dressy Club - A platform where students on college campuses can sell, rent, and buy clothing to/from other students. It was founded by my friend Taylor Folwell.

Check it out here:
ig: @the.dressyclub

Dogwood Blossom Co - A small business I am starting up with two of my friends selling their art — prints, stationery, and ceramics.

Check it out here:
ig: @dogwoodblossomco

Parish Social Media - I run and manage social media accounts for different parishes.

Check them out here:
ig/t/fb: @stjoansr
ig/t/fb: @smicwc

Past Projects

Freyaa - A platform that received preliminary funding that aimed to be a space where creatives connected to find their audience. It stopped due to COVID-19.

As always, any support for these projects is greatly appreciated. Feel free to buy me a coffee.